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* Ask Dr. Chocolate
Does white chocolate contain caffeine?
When were chocolate bars first made? Find out here.

* One True Passion
Chocolate of course!

* Butler's Handmade Irish Chocolates
Site loads slowly due to the absolutely gorgeous pictures.

* The Chocolate Lovers' Page
Search the database of sites, to find everything to do with Chocolate.

* The International Cocoa Organisation's Homepage
Very comprehensive (and rather serious) site.

Travelroads - find a tour operator
* Chocolate Touch Poems
Written by Kids. Very sweet.

* Baking with Baker's Chocolate
Some classic recipes like German Chocolate Cake and Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake.

* Godiva Chocolatier
Chocolate facts,chocolate soap, chocolate trivia (is there such a thing?) and utterly decadent recipes. Addictive!

* Name that Candybar!
Yes, there is such a thing as chocolate trivia.

* The Swiss Chocolate Server
Some interesting background here.

* See's Candy
Christmas just wouldn't be the same without it.

* Dawn's Chocolate Site
Dawn loves Chocolate.

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* Sleepy's Den
Shrine to Toblerone.

* For Chocolate Lovers Only
Recipes, links and chat.

* Natural Land's Just Desserts
Includes Passion for Chocolate and Tiramisł!

* All Things Chocolate
Recipes, Tips and Trivia.

* Simply Food's Chocolate Page
Attractive interactive site from the U.K.

* Gimme Candy
"Dedicated to recipes using candy bars." Clear, comprehensive and gives credit where it is due (unlike the many copy-and-paste merchants the Food File has come across!).

* The Ultimate in Chocolate
"Empty calories: A hollow chocolate bunny?"
  Recipes, facts, history 'n' stuff.

* Cloister's Chocolate Review
Reviews for the sophisticated Chocolate lover.

* The Shopping Place Chocolate Corner
You don't have to buy anything and you might just learn something.

* Paul's Chocolate Recipes
A good selection from Holland.

* Home Schooling Daily's Chocolate Adventure
School was never like this!

* Sweet Seductions Information Page
"Fascinating facts about wonderful chocolate."

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* Ethel M Chocolates
Just cos it's pretty!

* Cadbury's U.K.
From Britain's favourite chocolate manufacturer. Includes many children's party favourites.

* Chocolate at Sally's Place
Great tips and recipes.

* Send a Virtual Chocolate
Make someone's day with these calorie free treats.

* Nancy's Death By Chocolate
Recipes, fun stuff and links.

* Flora's Chocolate Heaven
"Over 900 different uses for chocolate."

* Hershey's Cookbook
Lots of goodies.

* Chocolat Epicure
Serious stuff.

* Lady Genevra's Shrine to Chocolate
Some unusual Recipes.

* So much Chocolate little time hard to read. Pity!

* CNN's Sweets Index
Surprisingly interesting!

* Chocolates a la Carte
Some challenging recipes for you to try at home.

* Candy USA
Great graphics and lots of different sections. (The nutrition page may just be the tiniest bit biased though!)

* Chocolate at the Exploratorium
A fascinating Tour.

Get Paid
* Nirvana Chocolates
"All about Belgian Chocolates".

* Geocat's Chocolate Obsession Website
More chocolate reviews and links.

* Sweet Things
Some amazing cakes (keep following the "next page" arrows ).

* The Complete Chocolate Web Site
"Featuring Organizations, Recipes, Suppliers, and more for the amateur and professional Chocolatier and Connoisseur!" If you've got a small screen don't miss the links on the right hand side!

* Chocolate Seduction
Sweet stuff from Chatelaine Magazine.

* Poison Pen Letter
The end of an affair. Maybe.

* The Recipe File
Many of the Recipe Collections and Archives have Chocolate sections so please check these out too!

* Joanna's Cookbook !
Don't forget to check out our own recipe collection! There isn't a separate Chocolate section, but you'll find many Chocolate recipes - especially in the dessert category!

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