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*The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook
From the lost diaries.

*Lori Mishmash's Food Humor
Plenty to choose from.
*The Toaster Museum Foundation Page
Toaster pages keep popping up on the Net, but this one is good.
*Turkeys and Other Stupid Birds..
"Turkey meat is politically correct."

*The TWINKIES Project
Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes In Extreme Situations.

*Characterization of Organic Illumination Systems
Pickles as a Light Source. Impressive Research.

*Bananas on the Web
Everything you never wanted to know
*Rum Cake
Sort of !
*Vegemite Central
"It puts a Rose in every Cheek.." A must-see for Art Lovers.

*Ladyfingers and Nun's Tummies
... and other strange sounding stuff.

*Delicious Insect Recipes
Grub's up!

*The Cheesecake Dance
Now this is silly.

*Captain Ribman
Cartoon hero from Meatropolis.
*Fun with Grapes
"Using only cheap, readily-available equipment, you can create a spectacular lightshow in the comfort of your very own kitchen, providing hours of fun and excitement for your family, friends, and pets!"

*The Science Fiction Cookbook
It's food Jim, but not as we know it.

*The Talking Toaster
Build your own.

*Diary of a mad P.I. Cook
She's moved (again) but is as politically incorrect as ever.

*The Pathetic Veg*an Joke Page
Pathetic Veg*ans or Pathetic Jokes? While you're there check out the Vegtoons too.

*Helly Jelly
"The Original "Puts hair on your Chest" Jellybean."

*Best Humor Food Page
If you want to know what they say about Sprite ...

*Virtual Donuts
Doughnuts in glorious technicolour. Does Homer know about this?

*Boulder Vegetable Rights Association
"Give peas a chance"
*You Might be a Bad Cook If ...
From the home of  You Might be a Caffeine Addict if ...
* I Hate Eating
Need to do something about that low blood sugar!
*Chemists' and Physicists' Recipes
Don't forget the NaCl!
*The Spam Page
Spam FAQs, Spam Fiction, Spam Recipes...

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*Ranchito Spamaņo
Spam, Elvis, Mad Cows and more. (The site's moving at the moment. If the link doesn't work, try the old one)

The Ultimate Xena Cookbook
I kid you not. Surprisingly good recipes.

*The Uselessness of Food and Drink
You can waste some Serious time here!

*Regrettable Food
Pictures and recipes from post-war America.

*The Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Page
You'll need 5 gallons of liquid nitrogen for every gallon of ice cream. So what are you waiting for ?

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