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* Irish Food
A selection of real Irish food. No corned beef and cabbage here!

* Edibilia's Irish recipes
Authentic and comprehensive with lots of interesting background. Not to be missed.

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* A Taste of Ireland
Just a small taste unfortunately

* LMC's Lamb and Beef Recipes
Irish Moussaka with potato topping. Mmm!

* Ireland Now's Irish Recipes
Hmm! These look familiar.

* The Potato Recipe Page
OK so it's not an Irish page, just a tenuous link.

* Traditional Irish Recipes
Some favourites from Ballymoney.

* Butler's Handmade Irish Chocolates
Site loads slowly due to the absolutely gorgeous pictures.

* Fianna Kitchen
"The kind of food our ancestors ate." Maybe.

* Traditional and Delicious Irish Recipes
Some cool graphics!

* Recipes from Waterford
Recipes from some of Waterford's favourite restaurants.

* TKL's Irish Recipes
From the Kitchen Link Chat Room. 19 Recipes.

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* The Bakeries of Belfast
A few special recipes.

* Fiona's Irish Recipes
Try the Lemon and Honey Drink (otherwise known as a Hot Whiskey in Ireland). Hint - it tastes good even if you leave out the Honey and Lemon!

* Cadbury's Ireland
Chocolate chat.

* Kirwilli's Kitchen
"Traditional working class food" Recipes and reminiscences from an ex-pat in Australia.

* Irish Teatime Treats
Teatime stories included!

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*Seaweed Menu
Fresh from the Atlantic Coast.

* Recipes from Kenwood, Ireland
Time to get the mixer out!

* Bailey's Pleasuredome
Fascinating trivia as well as recipes.

* SOAR's Irish Recipes
Some good ones nestling among the repetitions and heresies.

* Odlums
Recipes and info from the makers of Ireland's favourite flour.

* St Patrick Day's Menu
Includes Liam Neeson's Irish Stew.

* Irish Recipes from Detroit Free Press
Just a handful of them.

* Morten's Irish Recipes
A mixed bag.The Monica Sheridan Bread Recipes are the real thing though.
* Champ: The quintessential Irish Potato dish
Recipes, variations and background. Make it tonight.

* Darina Allen on Starchefs
Interview, Recipes and Cookbook blurb.

* Celtic Cuisine
Pretty graphics and a small collection of special recipes for Druid chefs.

* Tayto
Forget the green fields and the soft rain. This is what we really miss about home.

* Barry's tea
The perfect cuppa. Lots of Irish Links.

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* Guinness
Liquid meal replacement. Weight loss not guaranteed.

* The Dalkey Cook Book
Has an interesting, if brief, fish section.

* Irish Breakfast Recipes
Lots of bacon, just as you would expect

* A Little Irish Cookbook
Simple Recipes attractively presented.

* Joanna's Cookbook !
Don't forget to check out our own recipe collection! There isn't a separate Irish section, but you'll find many Irish recipes - especially in the baking category!

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