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* Food Resource
A very (large) mixed bag from Oregon State University. Covers everything from pasta to phytochemicals.

* The Catering Net
Recipes, food info, gossip, jobs, clip-art and more from the U.K.

* Algy's Herb Page
Whether you want to grow them, use them or just talk about them, you can do it here.

* Henriette's Herbal Homepage
A labour of love with lots of information and very pretty pictures

* A Modern Herbal
Circa 1931!Fascinating.

Free Online Photo Album
* SpiceGuide
Background and Recipes. A nice site.

* CheeseNet
Full of Information and even some Cheese Poetry.

* Delia's Cook School
Say what you like about Delia Smith (and people usually do!), her recipes give a perfect result every time. Now you can email a Recipe, take the Trivia Quiz or read the Bio. (Hey, you can even buy a Book!) A must for Delia Groupies everywhere.

* Learn2.com
Can't boil an egg or set a table? Here's your chance to learn!

* The Internet Food Channel
Food Trends and Information.

* The Rhubarb Compendium
Giving Rhubarb the Respect and Recognition it so richly deserves.

* The Chile-Heads Home Page
For those who like it Hot!

Get Paid
* Chili Resources
More Hot stuff!

* Ice Cream
The whole scoop.

* The Soda Fountain
History, Pictures, Recipes...

W e b Z I P
* The Original Strawberry Facts Page
Strawberry Facts Forever!

* The Inquisitive Cook
The Chemistry of Cooking. Entertaining and Informative.

* Cook's Thesaurus
A useful reference guide

NBAF Magazine Subscriptions
* The last Dinner on the Titanic
First class Menu only.

* The Stinkin' Rose Club
OK it may not be the food of love but Garlic's got a lot going for it.

* Betty Crocker
Even if you'd never use a cake mix there's plenty of interesting stuff here, including Recipes and useful Charts. Betty even writes a shopping list for you!

* Dolores' Cake Decorating and Candy Page
Very Pretty.Wonderful icings, tips, recipes and techniques.

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