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* Mimi's Cyber Kitchen
A vast site and a great place to begin your Food quest.

* Mimi's Vegetable Patch
Another Mimi, another great site. An attractive selection of links (not just vegetables!)
* Neosoft
Huge Recipe archive.

* Searchable Online Archive of Recipes
63,632 recipes last time I counted!

* The Kitchen Link
Here you'll find just about everything to do with food and drink. Don't miss it!

* Nothing but recipes..
Actually a list of links to recipe sites.Lots of them!

* Virtual Quincy Directory of Recipe and Cooking Sites
More great Links.

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* Global Gastronomer
Search by country.

* TuBears
The Bear's been busy putting together 50,000 Recipes and more. Cute!

* Mastercook Library
Thousands of recipes to search, browse or download.

* The Dinner Co-op
A (big!) no-frills page with recipes you'll really want to try.Another feature is a great collection of recipes from other sites (including over 500 Cheesecakes). Check this one out!

* Amy Gale's Recipe Archive.
Straightforward and very comprehensive.

* Webcipes
Recipes collected from Alt.Discuss.Cooking. An interesting collection.

* Edibilia
"Recipes... and other alimentary business" Includes great European and Asian dishes and many useful links. Cute bears too.

* Jewish Food Recipe Archive
Over 5,000 Recipes. Use the quick search or browse through about 100 categories.

Travelroads - find a tour operator
* Recipes Online
25,000 Recipes.

* Home Arts Recipe Finder
Search by type of dish, main ingredient, no. of calories and/or preparation time.

* Morten's Recipe Collection
Over 12,000 recipes.

* Dayle's Incredible Recipe Links
The name says it all.

* The Real Man's Cookbook
"Understand cooking as a sport and impress the woman in your life with minimal labor at the same time".

* Chefs-R-Us
The site formerly known asThe Zaney Chefs.
Great Food, Links and a Sense of Humour too!

* Now you're Cooking!
Recipes and links to 800 other food sites.

* 50+ Friends Club Cookbook
A very special cookbook. Great links too!

* Epicurious
Over 7,000 recipes.

* Marni Tuttle's Recipe Collection
Simple format. Categories include lots of desserts.

* 101 Recipe Links
Regularly updated, newest links on top.

* Yum Yum
20,000 Recipes. Check out the Ben and Jerry's ice creams.

* Flora's Hideout
Great cheesecakes, drinks and links.

Get Paid
* The Recipe Box
Very attractive presentation.

Recipes and more. Worth checking out.

* Meals For You
This site offers too many features to describe here! Choose by category - weight-loss, gourmet, veggie, diabetic, international...
Nutritional info and shopping list provided for individual recipes, or for entire menus that you build yourself.
Use the units that make sense to you and specify the number of servings you require. Foolproof and extremely user-friendly.

* Diana's Kitchen
Nice site from my namesake.

* Diana's Links to International Recipes
A truly amazing collection from yet another Diana.

* Chili Dog's Kitchen
Packed with a variety of recipes and links.

* Gemini and Leo's Recipes and Links
So many recipes, so little time!

* The Dessert House
A small collection of special desserts.

* The Monks' Cookbook
Forget the fasting and abstinence and have another of Fr. Bob's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies.

* Recipe Dude
"Recipes for Food you can eat!"

* Jeff's Food Page
Unusual recipes and pretty pictures.

* Copykat Recipes
Want to make KFC Fried Chicken at home? Or See's fudge? Or Hershey's Chocolate Syrup?You'll find them here.

* Top Secret Recipes
More copycat recipes, including Mrs Field's Chocolate Chip Cookies and (did someone actually request this?) McDonald's Big Mac Sauce.

* TKL Copypcat Recipes
Lots more copycats from The Kitchen Link.

* Mark's Food Links
Some unusual ones.

* The Reluctant Gourmet
Great for Beginners (and others!)

* Baker Boulanger
Not just about Baking. (But the Baking is pretty awesome!) Get your questions answered too.

* Beautiful Soup
Comfort food at its very best.

* Recipe-a-day
A new recipe every day.

* Sue's Recipe Server
Many categories. Deliciously different recipes.

* Anne's Favorite Recipes
Go on, spoil yourself. You know you deserve it!

* Ottaviana's Kitchen
Wonderful Italian Recipes.

W e b Z I P
* All About Food
Some great Desserts (many more categories "coming soon").

* Bronny's Cheesecakes
Some unusual ones here.

* Joy of Baking
A joy indeed!.

* Teri's Recipe Page
Well laid out. Easy to navigate and loads quickly.

* The Internet Chef
Very well presented site with lots of categories, including some wonderful ice cream!

* Culinaria Online
Recipes, Links and more. Check out those chutneys!

* 1st Traveler's Choice Internet Cookbook
"3,000 delicious recipes from culinarily-gifted professionals". Truly superb!

* Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers' Recipes
Lots to choose from. Not just breakfasts!

* Salt and Pepper
Recipes from USENET Newsgroups and Mailing Lists. The site can be puzzling but the recipes are good.

NBAF Magazine Subscriptions
* Martha's Recipes
Tried 'n' Trusted family favourites.

* The CateringNet
Recipes, Gossip, Jobs, Food Clipart and more from the U.K.

* NULSA Cookbook
Simple and good!

* Aunt Edna's Kitchen
Recipes, Nutrition and "Cooking Utilities".

* Lu's Recipe Extravaganza
Very active and enthusiastic site with a personal touch.

* Claymo's Cookbook
Hot stuff from exotic places.

* Chyrel's Recipe Box
A good, well-organized Collection.

* Joanna's Cookbook
Don't forget to visit our humble collection of favourite family recipes!

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