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* Artists in the Kitchen
"An illustrated Cookbook of nearly 100 original Vegetarian Dishes" Good stuff!

* Veggies Unite
2,700 Recipes. The veggie recipe site!

* Vegetarian Pages
"an independent, definitive Internet guide for vegetarians, vegans and others." No frills but lots of information and links.

* Vegetarian Resource Group
Info, Recipes, Veggie Travel and even a Game!

*International Vegetarian Union
International Vegan recipes and more.

* Tara's Vegan Recipe Page
A good collection, well laid-out.

* Vegsource
Well designed active site. Has an interesting Veggie Food Pyramid.

* List of Ingredients derived from Animals
Provided by ARRS, it's a long list.

Travelroads - find a tour operator
* The World of Tofu
Tofu for Everyman.

* A Vegetarian Cookbook
Some wonderful Asian Dishes.

* Scented Nectar's Page of Tastiness
A wonderful Collection of links to Vegetarian Recipe sites.

* U.S. Soyfoods Directory
Information, Recipes and descriptions of various soy foods.

* Let's Talk Soy
Similar content to Soyfoods Directory but more upbeat.

* Great Vegetarian Recipes
There's a low fat section too.

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* In a Vegetarian Kitchen (with Nava Atlas)
Recipes, features and cookbook blurbs.

* John's Vegetarian Recipes
Quite a collection!

* The Recipe Folder
Mostly vegetarian recipes. Some meat-eaters have been slightly offended by the site's tone.

* Veggie HeavenNationwide Unlimited 56K Internet Access $9.99!
A classy site with Recipes everyone will love.

* Good Karma Cafe
Recipes, Nutrition, Swaps and lots of good stuff.

* Veganet
Who, what, when, where, why and how. Really easy to navigate

* All Raw Times
Some unusual recipes and lots of other stuff.

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* Bhooma's Kitchen
A fine collection of Indian Vegetarian Recipes. A useful glossary is included.

* The Recipe File
Many of the Archives and Collections featured in the Recipes File have Vegetarian sections, so please check these out too!

* Joanna's Cookbook !
Don't forget to check out our own recipe collection! There isn't a separate veggie section, but many of the recipes are suitable for vegetarians.

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